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Advertising 101: There are basically two kinds of marketing – directional and creative.​

Directional marketing

Directional marketing is any advertising that makes it easy for a prospective customer or patient to find your business or practice.  That said, with directional marketing, there is already a need, and the individual is merely trying to find you or someone else who can fulfill that need.  Your company’s digital assets – website, Google Ads, online business elements – have essentially replaced phone books and yellow pages to provide the “giving directions” part of your marketing program.  The vast majority of people who are looking for a product or service today search online.

various forms of internet marketing that can work for your dental office
creative media marketing examples

Creative Marketing

Once your digital footprint is in place, you should consider complementing your marketing efforts with a creative element.  In its simplest terms, creative is your business or practice attempting to “create” in someone’s mind a need for your products or services.  This is achieved by intrusive messaging – promoting your business or practice to large numbers of people without regard to their specific needs or wants.  Creative media allows you to tell people what you do, where you do it, and how you do it better or different than others.  All without an invitation to do so, which is the “intrusive” part.  More importantly, creative media lets you tell people why you do what you do, in dramatic fashion.

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