Dental PPC Marketing That Get's Results

One of the best ways to reach high-value, targeted traffic in real time

Dental PPC with Google Ads Paid Search Marketing

Utilizing Google Ads correctly to advertise your service to your local area can help grow your dental practice in a short amount of time. However, if your PPC is handled incorrectly it can lead to wasted ad spend and no new patients for your practice. Leverage our experienced dental PPC team who will work side by side with you to not only better understand your business goals, but to also help drive real results in growing your dental practice.


How PPC Advertising Can Grow Your Dental Business

When someone in your local area does a search for a particular dental procedure or service, they are essentially raising there hand and saying they are in need of what you offer. Unlike paid social media or display campaigns, you are able to put your ads in front of those who are actively looking for what you offer. These are pre-qualified, potentially new patients that you can capture with your dental PPC advertisements. All of your PPC marketing is measurable so you can see what is converting for your dental practice and what is not.

We help dentist's land more patients, outsmart the competition and stop wasted PPC ad spend

Some Of The Benefits Of Our Dental PPC Service

Service Targeting

Each service you offer will be broken down individually so the ad copy, landing page and targeted keywords all pertain to only that particular service.


We can target your dental PPC ads to only a specific age range, gender or household income within the targeted area.

Reduce Costs

We are very aware of the wasted ad spend within other dental PPC campaigns and have developed strategies that reduce our dental client's overall advertising costs.

No Annual PPC Contracts

Our dental PPC contracts are not for an entire year. They are 3 months which then go month to month after that. We will earn and keep your business by our performance and not an annual contract.

Location Specific 

We can target your ads all the way down to specific zip codes within a city as well as adjust bids within those targeted areas to help conserve your PPC budget.

Dominate Your Area

With a properly ran dental PPC advertising campaign, you can dominate your local area as the new business you gain will pay for itself in the long run.

In House

Our entire dental PPC marketing team is in house, we do not outsource any of our work or use a white label PPC service.

You Will Own Your Account

You will have full access to see what we are doing each month as we have nothing to hide. We are 100% transparent with our dental PPC marketing services.

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