Cutting-Edge Dental Websites That Rank And Convert

Give yourself the advantage over every other dental office in town

Your Website Needs To Do More Than Just Look Nice

Responsive Dental’s website platform is designed to not only look good, but to convert – that is, turn those using it into patients. You can have a beautiful looking website, but if it’s not converting, what good is it?

At Responsive Dental Marketing, we believe in building a website that gives the user a wonderful experience and guides them down the path to making an appointment with your dental office. If they have a great experience on your website and your team gives them a great experience upon their first visit, you will gain repeat business from them. Simply put, Responsive Dental designs engage, showcase, educate and convert your website visitors.

On-Page & Technical SEO At No Extra Charge

Not all websites are built the same, and just because your website looks good does not mean it looks good to a search engine. Responsive Dental’s platform has the necessary onsite and technical SEO best practices already making it easy for search engines to find you – all built-in at no extra charge to you. As Google makes changes to their algorithm, Responsive Dental will make changes to the platform ensuring you stay ahead of your competition.

Optimized Page Titles

This is the first thing a potential customer will see in the search engine results. This is why it is important that they are written to not only help your rankings but also improve your click through rate by attracting the users attention.

Internal Linking Structure

How your pages are linked internally play a big role in how they get found by Google or Bing. By utilizing internal linking properly we able to give your most important pages more link value than others and establish a hierarchy for your dental website.

Enhanced Schema Markup

Also called structured data, this is just another way we provide information to the search engines about your dental office location, business hours, services as well as showcasing individual doctors.

Image Compression

You have the ability to create your own pages and blog posts. One of the biggest thing that will slow down the load times of your pages is the file size of the images you use. Our platform will automatically compress these images which will help lower your overall page speed.

Page URL's

Our URL structure is vastly different then most other dental websites. You want to improve your rankings in your local area, so we improve our chances with what we include in URL's.

Unique Content

Unlike other dental website providers, we do not use the same content across all of our websites and simply change out the dental office's name or business location. Our sites all come with content that is unique to your website, thus eliminating the possibility of Google filtering our your pages for duplicate content.

Page Caching

This is done by our servers and is another way we help speed up all of our dental websites. With a faster site comes a better user experience as well as the chance for increased search engine rankings.

Image Alt Text

Your image alt text or tags as others call them, help with your website accessibility as well as image SEO. Screen readers do not show images and read out what the image alt text says so the visitor who is visually impaired understands what the image represents.

What Else Will You Get With Your Dental Website

Site Updates

Do you want to change some content on your website, but do not have the time? Send in a support ticket and we will take care of it for you.

Mobile Friendly

Your dental website will be responsive and mobile friendly across all desktop, tablets and compatible cell phones.

Unlimited Publishing

We do not have a limit as to how large your website can be. You can create as many blog posts as you wish.

Unlimited Support

Our dental marketing team is here to always help you grow your practice.

Secure Site

Your dental website comes with a free SSL certificate and the latest in website security and backups at no extra charge.

Unlimited Forms

Create and utilize as many forms as you need. This allows you to strategically collect information from your website visitors.

No Annual Contracts

We do not require an annual contract like other dental website companies and you can change services at anytime.

Exclusive Hosting

Your dental website will be hosted on our high-performance servers to ensure you have one of the fastest websites with no down time

Automatic Updates

We ensure that you have the most up to date website software to ensure their are no compatibility or security issues.

Team Management Area

Showcase your dental team at no extra cost by adding all of your staff members. Give them a personalized bio so potential clients can see who they will be talking to.

Website Accessibility

Users with disabilities can fully understand and interact with our dental website as we have removed many barriers and they can change how your website is presented with a click of a button.

Transparent Reporting

You will own and have full access to the Google Analytics & Search Console accounts we setup for you. We focus on true conversions and not just clicks and impressions.

Affordable Price and Unmatched Value