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Dental SEO To Increase Your Organic Website Traffic

We know that Google & Bing are constantly updating the search algorithms and how it displays local business information, because we track the changes. With the amount of changes being made, your dental business can no longer afford to focus on any single SEO tactic.  You now need a complete local SEO strategy that implements several tactics to drive patients to your dental practice and not to a competing dentist in your local area.

Our team has over 20+ years of SEO experience that your dental team can leverage today.  We will work with you to deliver a proven process and local SEO strategy that will increase your organic search traffic.

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No such thing as secret SEO sauce

100% Transparent. No secret sauce or magic buttons.​

Do not be fooled by those who tell you they know the secret formula or have the secret sauce to increase your organic rankings.  Dental SEO is not about using hidden secret tricks or gaming the search engines. These tactics are why we have algorithm’s that Google & Bing update on a frequent basis.

What you are looking for in an SEO is someone who has a thorough understanding of the algorithm changes as well as what people are searching for and why they want it (intent).  We do not make the SEO rules, the search engines do.  We only keep up with those changes to make adjustments and test out the results for our dental clients.

Is Local SEO Necessary For My Dental Business?

Yes it is as more consumers are searching on their phones for dental services in there local city more than ever.  This is why it is very important to ensure you have the best chances of ranking higher in your local markets.  

These local searches  are highly coveted potential new patients for your dental practice. It is very important to enhance your local exposure and make sure you are showing up for local searches that matter.  


Our Dental SEO Will Focus On Increasing Your Organic Search Traffic and Inbound Phone Calls To Your Dental Practice.

Local Dental SEO Services

Dental Website Audit

Prior to any local SEO campaign, we will perform an audit to determine what needs to be done not only with your website, but your offsite SEO as well.

Local Business Citations

We will fix and create your dental business citations across the internet. It is important that your business information is accurate as to not send any possible mixed signals to a search engine.

Reputation Monitoring

Monitoring your online reviews if very important for any dental office as it will allow you to interact with each person and get in front of any potential bad reviews.

Schema Markup

This is a critical local SEO step that many people either skip or do not implement fully as they do not understand it. This is a language that tells the search engines all about your business and should fully optimized.

Backlink Removal

Not all backlinks are good for your website, especially if you have used a not so reputable SEO company in the past. It is not about the quantity of backlinks, but the quality. Having links from bad websites can harm your local SEO efforts. We clean them up.

Local Optimization

We will ensure that your website is targeting the right geographic area where your dental office is located. This includes your content, page URL's and internal links.

Business Profile Optimiziation

We will audit your Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo Local for proper optimization. We ensure that everything is locally accurate and very informative to the end user.

Optimized Landing Pages

Our landing pages are like none other as they are built to rank locally as well as convert that searcher into a new patient. These are not 300-500 word pages or copied from other dental websites.

In House SEO Team

We do not outsource any of our local SEO services. Everything is done in house so you can be assured it is done the right way and by our own hands on the keyboard. With over 20+ years in doing SEO, why would we need to outsource it?

Google Penalty Removal

If you have a manual penalty on your current dental website domain name, our SEO team can help remove it and clean up the damage that has caused. Do not let just anyone handle your penalty removal, we are one of the few dental SEO companies who know how to do it the right way.

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Why Choose Our Local Dental SEO Agency?

Responsive Dental Marketing was founded on the premise of offering an SEO service for dentist’s that truly works and they know what they are paying for.  With over 20+ years in SEO our desire for knowledge has not diminished. Staying up to date on the latest search engine algorithm changes, dental industry best practices as well as analyzing our collected data to make our decisions are just a few ways that separate us from our competitors.

The entire process starts with you and your dental business.  We want to learn about you, your brand, your story and business goals.  With local SEO every little detail counts and we make sure to not leave any of them out.

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